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Specialized wound care for better, faster healing

Conditions We Treat

An open wound can bring things to a halt.

Wounds are not just painful—they can also prevent you from doing what you want to do. Whether you’re embarrassed by the odor or you keep postponing that beach trip, chronic and acute wounds impact your quality of life.

We treat wounds and burns from trauma, surgery, infections, diabetes, and more. Whether you have serious healing issues or just want to proactively support the recovery process, we can create a treatment plan for your condition.

Specialized Care

Restore your quality of life.

Sometimes “wait-and-see” isn’t the best route because wounds can worsen—fast. Everyone can benefit from proactive care from specialized physicians.

Heal Faster.

Develop Fewer Complications.

Experience better outcomes.

Why We Started
Ten Med

A note from our founders

When you’re dealing with a painful wound, it’s inconvenient to navigate a clunky, impersonal healthcare system. We left corporate healthcare jobs to create a different type of practice: one where we are excited to work and that we would want to visit as patients.

Our goal is to create a family-like atmosphere with close connections to our patients, staff, and colleagues, so you feel cared for, heal faster, and get back to doing what you want to do.

Omar S. Jalil, MD
Physician & Co-Owner
Tisha Tipnis, MD, CWSP
Physician & Co-Owner

Expanding Options for Excellent Care

Why Physicians Refer to Ten Med

Better Patient Outcomes

Our specialized training allows us to solve complex problems and accelerate the healing process.

Peace of Mind

Our practice assumes responsibility for ongoing treatment, so you can rest easy knowing your patient is in good hands.


Our doctors take the time to personally connect with other physicians to coordinate care.


The practice is 100% physician-owned and controlled. We are heavily involved in day-to-day patient care.

Start to heal.

Wound care is time-sensitive. That’s why we make it a priority to see you quickly. We can usually schedule an appointment within a few days.